Bi-Weekly Recommendation No.1

Bi-Weekly Recommendations is one time every other week where I’ll sit down and think about one to three games I’ve played that I want to recommend to you! My recommendation can be based on multiple reasons, ranging from an unbelievable price drop, a hidden gem, a classic, or other like-minded

Big in Japan Sale

SALE! SALE! SALE! There are about 765 deals in the Big in Japan Sale that has just launched on the good ol’ PS Store — and if your wallet isn’t breathing heavily right now, then it’s because you haven’t checked it out yet! If you want to skip my monologue,


This isn’t a review — but I will talk about the game in a reviewing way, as I was so fortunate to have been a playtester for the game, prior its release. But, with no further ado: today we’re talking about… Figment A Short Introduction “A figment of your imagination”

Fantasy War Tactics R

It seems like a long time that I have this game on my android phone, and today 2 Nov 2017 marked its 2nd Anniversary. What makes the game so special? For me , the game reminds me of the RPG games that I played when i was a kid. During

PES 2018 Review – Part 1

  Today, we’re reviewing Konami’s latest release of footballing brilliance in the form of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018. As a huge fan of the series, September is the best time of year, because it’s always time to see what Konami have been working on throughout the year. The development team


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