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Are You Ready for the Rush?

ONRUSH is an all-action arcade racer from the devs at Codemasters. The game looks to feature several off-road racing locations, as well as cars, trucks and dirt bikes. The gameplay in the trailer seems to indicate plenty of jumps, collisions and wrecks so you’ll need to be both fast and

The Treats of January 2018

With the year a new and still at its very beginning, games are ready to storm the month of January. Let’s take a look at some games I believe you should keep an eye on this month. Metal Gear Survive Beta Regardless of the past discrepancies with Konami MGS and

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT – 30 January 2018

  Yes, you read it correctly. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be out on 30 January 2018. And if you follow closely on the development of the game, they just release out a cutscene ” A Princely Welcome”. The cutscene shows Noctis entering an unknown realm where he was greeted by

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT – The End Is Near

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT just released their Opening Cinematic for PS4 and “Wow!!” The video said it all : And before they release this official opening video, they have also included some more heroes : Jecht – Assassin type Cloud of Darkness – Vanguard type Golbeza – Marksman type Noctis Lucis


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