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July 18, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

God of War Ragnarok: Forging Destiny Walkthrough

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With The Word of Fate behind you, you’ve returned to Svartalfheim with Brok and Freya. Immediately to your left, after regaining control, is a yellow chest with Hacksilver inside. You’re in the Myrkr Tunnels. Follow Freya forwards. There’s a crate you can destroy with Sonic Arrows on the left, and the path forward is on the right. Burn the vines and slip into the smaller tunnel, collecting up Hacksilver along the way. Once you’re done, climb back out and detonate the barrel ahead. This will blow a hole in the gate, so you can continue onwards. You’re not alone down here, so prepare to battle the Wicked Grims on the other side of the gate. There are vines ahead which you can burn with the Blades of Chaos in return for a yellow chest containing Hacksilver. On the path to the left is another oil spill, which you can set ablaze to blow a hole in the gate. Continue onwards.

There are more foes ahead, but you can set fire to them by using the barrels and spilled oil on the ground to deal with them quicker. You’ll come to a cart with pumpkins you need to push out of the way, so move it to continue deeper into the service tunnels. There’s a Legendary Chest on the left with a Heavy Runic Attack inside it named Fog of Fimbulwinter.

Pull the chain down to lower the gates. Then instruct Freya to fire a Sigil Arrow at the cog and freeze it with your Leviathan Axe. Quickly move forward and use the Twilight Stone to bounce your axe over the gate and break the plate on the other side, unlocking the path forward. There’s a pretty strong Bergsra on the other side, so prepare for a pretty big battle. Remember to Shield Check it to interrupt some of its attacks by tapping L1 twice.

You can freeze the water flow at the top of the room with the Leviathan Axe, allowing you to turn the giant cog and open the big gate. From the direction you entered the room, first go through the gate on the left. There’s a Nornir Chest in here, which you can open for an Idunn Apple. Just around the corner, you’ll be attacked by a Grim infected by a Nightmare Parasite, so do what you need to do and then open the path back to the main room with the water flowing. Before you continue onwards, you can take the reverse path backwards into an area with more foes, as well as a yellow chest and a red chest, with Luminous Alloy and Hacksilver inside. If you climb the chain at the back of this room, you can turn a wheel which will transition the flow of water, allowing you to open the other gate in the main room.

Back in the main room, use a Sigil Arrow in combination with your Leviathan Axe to overflow water into the lower pipe. Then once water is flowing successfully into here, reclaim your axe and freeze it above the wheel, to open up the alternative gate. There are two Bergsras inside who will really challenge you, considering how tight the arena is. We recommend trying to defeat them one at a time if you can manage to drag them apart. There are a ton of resources in the little portal at the end of the corridor, including some Dust of Realms. Be sure to grab those, then open the gate on the right.

Continue down the corridor and open the red chest on the right for Asgardian Ingot, among other resources and Hacksilver. Ascend the very obviously marked wall. You’ll emerge at The Forge, where Brok will be waiting for you. You’ll split from Freya here, so follow Brok off to the path on the left. You may remember this area from earlier with Atreus, although the Gloom Nightmares nest is new so deal with that. You’ll eventually come to a gate, being protected by some foes, so take them out. Open the door and follow Brok onwards into the dwarven town. At the end of the path, on the left, is a yellow chest.

Unfortunately, the lift is broken, and it’s due to Nightmares once more. Take the path off to the right, dealing with another nest along the way. Burn off the brambles on the right, then climb up the wall behind it. You can cross the other side by freezing the geyser. Follow the path around and freeze the elevated geyser to raise the lift that Brok’s on. Get back on the lift and instruct Brok to close the geyser. Once you’re on higher ground, climb the wall and get Brok to open the geyser again. This will open an angle so you can freeze the first geyser. Have Brok cap the elevated geyser, opening the gate.

There’s a Legendary Chest on the other side with a Heavy Runic Attack named Atlas Eruption inside. Grab it and climb up the wall. Throw your Leviathan Axe at the Nightmare haunt to destroy it, allowing the lift to move freely once more. Climb aboard the lift and turn the wheel to ride up to higher ground.

There are some Grims waiting for you as soon as you step off the lift, so be sure to take those out swiftly. Then continue inside the cave. Follow Brok forwards, and you’ll spot one of Odin’s Ravens pretty obviously perched on the wall above. Climb aboard the lift and turn the wheel. Annoyingly, it doesn’t work, and Brok needs supplies to repair it. Chop off some of the stone to the left and bring it back to Brok. Collect some of the bronze stone for Brok next.

Climb back aboard the lift and turn the crank one more time when Brok instructs you to. Watch the cutscene that unfolds. By the time you retake control, you’ll have the Draupnir Spear, as well as the Soldier’s Sauroter. Get a feel for the new weapon by taking out the enemies that await, then lob a spear at the prominent yellow crack you may have spotted all over the game up to now, and detonate it with triangle. This will enable you to climb up the wall. At the top, you’ll have to deal with three different Nightmare nests, so make sure you take them out promptly, preferably with your new spear, if you don’t want to get overwhelmed. There’s a red chest just to the right of this area, with Asgardian Ingot and Dwarven Steel inside, you just need to destroy a couple of yellow cracks by lobbing your spear at them. This is required to move forward anyway, so you may as well grab the resources.

Squeeze through the gap in the wall, and prepare yourself for more Nightmare Parasites on the other side. To the left of this arena are two cracks in the wall with air flowing out of them. Throw a spear at them to create platforms you can use to navigate to a Yggdrasil Rift. Inside is one of The Lost Lindwyrms. Interact with the Yggdrasil Rift once more to get the Spear Handle named the Hind of Attuned Elements. Once you’re done, blow up the rock that’s preventing you from shimmying across the side of the wall, and continue onwards.

There’s a Fierce Ogre ahead, so damage it until you can climb aboard it, and ride it to take out all of the other enemies in the area. Another large foe will enter the arena, so rinse and repeat. Open the blue chest for some Hacksilver, and then you can spend a little time upgrading your equipment if you want to. Abseil down the mountain and continue forwards into the dwarven town before a cutscene begins.

After the cutscene, exit through the gate and be reunited with Freya. There are Einherjar Warriors on the other side, so help Freya take them out — and show her your new weapon. Follow Freya forwards. She mentions that she’s found a Mystic Gateway, but you’re going to have to catch a train to reach it. If you didn’t get it when you were here earlier, you’ll find one of Odin’s Ravens flying around in this area. There’s also a Nornir Chest with a Horn of Blood Mead inside you need to use your Draupnir Spear to open, as well as an Yggdrasil Rift with a Fierce Stalker inside. Follow the path to the train and climb aboard. Once you get off the train, you’ll find a gravestone which you can interact with to start the Favour named Fit for a King. It’s up to you whether you want to start this quest at this point, but if you do, it’ll trigger a boss fight with Hardrefill the Callous.

Boss Fight: How to Beat Hardrefill the Callous

Hardrefill the Callous is the first Berserker Soul you’ll face as part of the Favour named Fit for a King. While he doesn’t have many moves, you’ll need to time your attacks and blocks perfectly. To begin, he’ll usually jump towards you with his sword, which you can deflect. Attack him and then get into a rhythm of defending his swipes while unleashing your own. Eventually, he’ll back off and launch into the air, with a green circle on the ground indicating where he’ll land. You need to dodge at the last second to avoid the ripple his slam creates. As the fight matures, he’ll begin to slam the ground multiple times after launching into the air, so don’t get greedy trying to swing for him when he lands. Rinse and repeat this strategy to defeat him. You’ll get Asgard’s Fortitude, an Enchantment, as well as Tempered RemnantsShattered Runes, and Bonded Leather for your troubles.

Once you’re ready to reach the Mystic Gateway, throw your spear at the air spouting hole in the wall and swing across. Before you enter, you can speak to Durlin to unlock a Favour named Spirit of Rebellion. Then travel back to Sindri’s House. Head inside and speak with Brok and Sindri. You’ll immediately unlock a Light Runic Attack named Huldra Charge. Upgrade your equipment at this point if you want to.

Set Mimir down on the table in front of the fire when you’re ready, and head to your quarters to rest. Watch the cutscene that follows. When Kratos awakes, you’ll need to follow Faye forwards, to the boat. Climb aboard, and sail forwards. The path is pretty straightforward, so just listen to the story that Faye’s telling Atreus while you sail. Eventually, the rapids will take you downstream, but you can still use the camera to look around.

You’re in control of Atreus now. Look inside the wardrobe for an Accessory named Runic Recharge if you didn’t collect it yet. The door to Sif and Thor’s room is open when you come out, if you want to have a little poke around. You can also eavesdrop at Thrud’s door if you want to deepen your understanding of her relationship with Sif. When you’re done, continue onwards, into Thor’s study. He’s not around, so head down into the library. As you head down the hill, Thor and Odin will be arguing. After the cutscene, you’ll be taken to Helheim with Thrud and Heimdall, which completes Forging Destiny and begins Unleashing Hel.

God of War Ragnarok: Forging Destiny Objectives

  • Find a path to the surface
  • Head to the forge with Brok
  • Destroy the Nightmare Haunt to release the lift
  • Ride the lift up to the forge
  • Repair the switch
  • Forge the weapon
  • Find a path down the mountain

God of War Ragnarok: Forging Destiny Rewards

  • Kratos: 5,250 XP
  • Freya: 5,250 XP

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