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May 25, 2024

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God of War Ragnarok: Unleashing Hel Walkthrough

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Now that you’re done Forging Destiny, it’s time to begin Unleashing Hel in Helheim. Much like in Muspelheim, your first task is to pull out the Mask Fragment using left on the d-pad and use it to guide your way. You’ll need to head up some stairs and between some cliffs. There’s a yellow chest o the right with Hacksilver inside, so grab that. There are some Hel-Raiders just ahead, so be sure to deal with those. Honestly, Thrud will make short work of most of the enemies you face, so just keep moving forward on the main path, kicking ass. Eventually you’ll reach a blocked door with a crank, so turn it to continue forwards. There’s a lot of Hacksilver on corpses in this area, so be sure to snap that up. Keep moving forward until you reach the Docks of Vadgelmir.

The mask will lead you to a dead end, so double-back and prepare for another battle against Hel-Raiders. They’ll spawn at both sides of the giant wooden fence, so work your way backwards and forwards to take them out. Grab the big crate and push up towards the ledge, so you can climb to higher ground.

On the right is some Soundstone, so shoot that with Sonic Arrows. Then take out the plate on the other side with a standard arrow to crash a heavy box through the floor below. Before you drop back down, head all the way down the path, to the opposite end where the Hel-Raiders attacked from previously. There’s a Legendary Chest here with a Bow Ability named Falling Sky inside it. Return to the previously blocked area and climb on top of the box you just dropped down. You’ll be ambushed by a Hel-Revenant up here, so take care of that, alongside all the Hel-Raiders. At the back of the room, on the right, is a grate you can destroy with Sonic Arrows, allowing you to drop down into the area you couldn’t access before. Once you’re down, open the red chest directly opposite for Ydalir TimberStonewood, and Hacksilver.

Draugrs will ambush you as you follow the relatively linear path forwards. You’ll also encounter some Nightmares who need taking care of. Head up the stairs, and it’ll lead you to a giant stone wall. While Thrud keeps it propped open, shoot down the target directly opposite to drop a heavy object onto lower ground. Then head back downstairs and follow the path back around until you reach another giant crate, with a hole in the roof above it. You’ll be ambushed pretty much immediately up here by Hel-Raiders, so take them all out. You can grab quite a lot of Ydalir Timber from these foes, so make sure you collect that before moving on, as it’s useful for upgrading your gear.

Turn the crank to open the door and follow Thrud forwards. Annoyingly, there’s another blocked door ahead, so you’re going to have to find another way around. Behind the pile of crates and boxes is another grate you can shoot with a Sonic Arrow, so do that and drop down. The Mask Fragment will lead you to a path blocked by a crate, and Thrud can’t move it because it’s stuck. Run back around to the other side and shoot the chain with a Sonic Arrow, so she can clear the way forward. Climb onto the box at the far end of the path and destroy the grate above it with a Sonic Arrow. Then climb up and continue onwards. You’ll come out to an area with a giant ship. On the left is a room with a red chest inside, so open that for Ydalir TimberHoned Metal, and Hacksilver. Try to open the door opposite, but Thrud will do it for you. Shoot the target at the top of the chain to the right to open it fully.

There are a bunch more Hel-Raiders ahead, so clear those out. Open the yellow chest on the left for Hacksilver, then refer to the Mask Fragment for where to head next. Thrud will push the crate out of the way so you can hookshot to higher ground. Climb down the golden chain and follow the path forward, to the left. There’s another Legendary Chest here with a Runic Summon named Wrath of the Wolf inside. Just off to the left, look for the crate hanging next to the wall, which was blocking Thrud’s path previously, and shoot it down. Head back the way you came, but you’ll be immediately ambushed by Hel-Revenants, so take them out. Once they’re dead, climb up the metal chain and return to Thrud.

You can now continue through the previously blocked path. Open the yellow chest on the right for Hacksilver. Climb up onto the box and jump into the next room. Head up the stairs. There’s something ominous on the horizon so keep your guard up as you follow this path. You’ll arrive at Gnipahellir Landing, and the Mask Fragment is telling you you’re in the right location. Keep moving forwards, up the stairs, and break the lock on the left. Then repeat for the clasp on the right. There’s a third and final chain that is revealed at this point, so crack it open. Watch the cutscene that unfolds, and then head in the chamber. There’s nothing there.

Thrud will run away, so catch up to her until you reach a cutscene. You’ll be back in Asgard, so follow Heimdall up the stairs and into Odin’s study. He’ll tell you to return to your quarters, so go back to your bedroom, trying to comfort Thrud along the way. When you’re ready, return to your room. Look in your wardrobe if you want to upgrade your equipment. Eventually, you’ll get a knock at your door, so answer it. Watch the cutscene. Once you retake control, head outside and deal with the enemies waiting for you, then take the Mystic Gateway back to Sindri’s House.

As soon as you get out of the Mystic Gateway, you’ll find Sindri’s House under attack. Help your allies defeat the Hel-Raiders, and keep them off Freya so that she can close the rift. Eventually, she’ll call for your help, so rush over to support her. Once you regain control, you’ll be piloting Kratos, with your primary objective to protect Freya and Atreus from the invading Hel-Raiders. You’ll have access to a new Spartan Rage at this point, named Wrath. You’ll also have to fight a new enemy type, Hel-Shadows. Once the countdown concludes, watch the cutscene that begins. This will conclude Unleashing Hel and begin Reunion.

God of War Ragnarok: Unleashing Hel Objectives

  • Find the Final Mask Fragment
  • Find a way back to Asgard
  • Find Odin and explain what happened
  • Return to Atreus’ quarters

God of War Ragnarok: Unleashing Hel Rewards

  • Atreus: 3,000 XP

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