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June 15, 2024

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God of War Ragnarok The Runaway Walkthrough

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The Runaway is the seventh main quest (path) in God of War Ragnarok. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of The Runaway Main Quest (Path).

Requirement: Complete The Reckoning
Reward: 2250 Atreus XP
Quest Info: I am in such. Huge. Trouble. And I’m freezing… I need to get somewhere warm. Fast.


  • Find shelter
  • Investigate Freya’s abandoned house
  • Light a fire for Chaurli
  • Follow Odin’s raven
  • Climb the wall
  • Follow Heimdall and meet Odin
  • Follow Odin on his work day
  • Check wardrobe before visiting Odin’s study
  • Join the All-Father in his study when ready
  • Walk with Odin

Find shelter

At the start of the quest, you’ll be back in Midgard as Atreus. Follow the path ahead and you’ll run into Wight. All variations of Wights ignore Sonic and Sigil arrows, so you’ll first need to hit them with normal attacks. Once they are killed they split into Wisps, which you first need to attack with Sonic or Sigil arrows to stun them, then are quickly dispatched with normal attacks.


After they’re defeated you can follow the path out the back of the area to reach a lower section of the forest. Keep following the path, dealing with the Wisps and Hel-Walkers in your way. Eventually, you’ll reach the Sanctuary Grove area, which you should recognize from the prior game.


Investigate Freya’s abandoned house

Run down to Chaurli’s head and he’ll eventually stand up to let you in the house. You can try to interact with items around the house, but you first need to close the window to the left of the fireplace.

Light a fire for Chaurli

You can now interact with some of the items around the house, then to light the fire you need to interact with the book sitting to the right of the fireplace.


Follow Odin’s raven

After a scene, you’ll now be in Asgard. Follow the path ahead to the area leading to the wall. Through this first area you’ll run into a bunch of Grim. Deal with them as they appear, and keep following the path toward the wall.


After the second section of Grim, you’ll run into a Wisp totem. These constantly spawn Wisps in a similar manner to Wretch nests, so you want to destroy them as quickly as possible. Destroying the totem also kills all wisps spawned from it, so you can focus on it to quickly get rid of the Wisps.


Keep following the path through the next areas. In the large round area, you can continue by climbing the cliff leading towards the wall.


You’ll reach a spot blocked by brambles. With Atreus being able to use Sigil arrows you can light these on fire by using the nearby campfire and chaining the Sigil explosions. You can also do the same to open the Legendary Chest on the lower level. Shoot a Sigil on the chest brambles, then on the nearby cliff (a trick you can use to make this easier is by shooting arrows at the same spot to make the Sigil area larger, as you can only have 3 placed Sigils out at once).


Head back up and shoot the campfire with a Sigil arrow to create an explosion, chaining to the Sigils below and allowing you to grab the Splintered Sigil (Bow Ability).


Keep following the path past the brambles towards the wall for a short scene.

Climb the wall

After speaking with Skjoldr, walk up the path to the wall. Grapple to the point to the left of the large wooden box to start making your way up.


This whole section you spend most of your time climbing the wall. All the climbing paths are linear, so just keep following the climbing paint and grappling or jumping when prompted. After a fair bit of climbing, you’ll reach a platform with a Wisp and Wight. You can fight these the same as before, just note that the purple ones can deal Bifrost damage to you with their attacks.


When they’re all dealt with, look up to the metal spike in the wall. On the right side is some Sound Stone you can shoot, which releases the chain and allows you to climb farther up.


You’ll enter a cave after the next climb, and a number of Wisps will start appearing. There are two Totems in this cave you need to destroy to stop the Wisps, so don’t stand around at the start of the cave waiting for them to stop appearing.


Continue out to the next area where there will be two crates hanging from some ropes. Climb up on the first crate and destroy the Sound Stone to the right of the farther one.


Hop off and drop down to the left, then grapple to the cliff beside the farther crate. Look above and there is a second Sound Stone piece you can destroy.


Head back to the first crate and interact with the rope on top to ride it higher up the wall.


There will be a few more Wisps to deal with on the platform you land on, then you can climb to the next level to find a Materials Chest which contains 2 x Ydalir Timber and 1 x Dwarven Steel.


After grabbing that chest keep climbing, until you eventually make it to the top of the wall.

Follow Heimdall and meet Odin

After the scenes, you can follow Heimdall over to the lift, then ride it down to the bottom. Once he hops on the creature at the bottom, you can interact with it to hop on after and ride it farther into Asgard.


Turns out Heimdall doesn’t want you to meet Odin, so he sends in some Einherjar to attack you.

Deal with them however you like, then Heimdall will start to attack you. You can’t actually hit him currently, as he’ll block or dodge all attacks you do, so just keep trying to hit him and dodging his attacks until the fight is stopped.


Follow Odin on his work day

After the scene ends, you’ll be transported to a few locations with Odin. Keep following him around as he’s doing his business until you return to the Lodge, then follow him inside. After some more talking, you’ll have a short detour to Svartalfheim, then finally to your room in the Lodge.

Check wardrobe before visiting Odin’s study

Before continuing, you can interact with the wardrobe to grab some new items and upgrade your bow if needed. When you’re ready to continue, interact with the door to the room.


Join the All-Father in his study when ready

After the scene with Thrud, follow her back toward the center of the lodge. If you want some extra chat time you can take a walk around the lodge with her, then extra Odin’s study at the bottom of the stairs.


Walk with Odin

Follow Odin down to the cavern below. After the scene is complete, you’ll start the next story quest.

This finishes The Runaway in God of War Ragnarok.

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