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June 15, 2024

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God of War Ragnarok Groa’s Secret Walkthrough

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Groa’s Secret is the fourth main quest (path) in God of War Ragnarok. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of the Groa’s Secret Main Quest (Path).

Requirement: Complete Old Friends
Reward: 1500 Kratos XP, 750 Atreus XP
Quest Info: Much has changed since last we were in Alfheim. We must travel through the Temple of Light to reach Groa’s shrine.


  • Reach Groa’s shrine atop the temple
  • Descend the Light Well
  • Make your way to the Mystic Gateway
  • Return to Sindri’s when ready

Reach Groa’s shrine atop the temple

This quest starts as soon as you step out of the gateway into Alfheim. To continue you’ll need to follow the path up to the left, but first, you can interact with the runes on the statue just ahead to obtain the Rune Read “Broken History”.


Follow the path up to the left, then when you reach the top you can drop down to a side area where you can find the Lore Marker “The Living Desert”, then you can turn around and break into a side room with a Materials Chest containing 4 x Slag Deposits.

Climb back up and make your way through the crack in the wall.


In the next area, you can go down to the left where you can find a Nornir Chest that requires lighting Braziers. If you want to open it with slightly less backtracking, continue up the two ledges to the right first. At the top, drop look left and drop down the ledge where you can find a brazier.


Drop down again to the lowest level, and look over the ledge just ahead to find the second.


You can then walk to the other side of this area to find the Nornir Chest, along with the final brazier off the far ledge. Once you collect from the chest, climb back up to reach the split in the path from before, and continue climbing.


Continue along the path to the large open area where you can see the Temple in the distance. On your way by you can kill a Raven hanging out on a tree to the left.


In the next area, you’ll encounter your first Twilight Stones. These stones reflect your axe, allowing you to perform such feats as throwing it around walls as you need to do here. When aiming at the stones you’ll see a line from it that shows the bounce trajectory of your axe (unless you choose to turn this off) and the line will be blue when it is hitting another target, like the spot which opens this gate ahead.


Continue through the gate and deal with the Wretches on the next cliffside. You can drop down to the left one final time to reach another side room where you can find a Legendary Chest containing Skadi’s Edge (Axe Light Runic Attack) and Kvasir’s Poem “Afterlife Abandonment”.


Head back up, then climb the wall on the far end of this area to continue towards the temple.


Keep following the path ahead and you’ll run into your first new enemies, the Light Elves. Throughout the temple you’ll only be running into Light Elves as they have control after the events of the first game, so get used to fighting them. Most of the Elves are primarily melee and are much faster enemies than most previous ones. What for attack windups because they also have moves which allow them to dash towards you.


When they’re all dealt with continue to the south and lift the rock in the way to progress. Start making your way toward the temple, but stick to the right. You’ll spot a Nornir Chest, but you won’t be able to open this one until your return later (note the gold cracks in the rock to the left), but you can pick up the Artefact “Dream Charm”.


Head all the way towards the and interact with the wheel on the left. You’ll need to interact with the wheels along with Tyr to open the door. Wait for him to fill his side, then you’ll need to hold :l-up: until the rest of the symbol fills up. After it does, you’ll need to hold :l-down: until it fills all the way up the other way to finally open the door.


Continue into the temple until you reach the first obstacle; a door of light you can’t pass. Most puzzles in the temple work similarly to this, where you need to bounce your axe off a Twilight Stone to destroy the crystal powering the door.


Continue through the door along the path, then use the grapple between the two statues.


Continue up the stairs to the right, then move to the right side of the room you end up in where you can find a Materials Chest containing 4 x Rawhide.


To open the next door, you’ll need to stand very close to the left side of the room to get the appropriate angle.


Continue through the next room and defeat the Light Elves that appear. On the ledge facing east you’ll need to wait for Tyr, who jumps to the hanging plates and creates grapple points, allowing you to reach the path in the middle of the area.


Continue following the path to the right. After reaching the top of the second staircase, you can look off the left side to find a side area to drop into.


First, turn directly around to where you can spot a Raven behind a large gate. You can’t move the gate, so you’ll need to use the nearby Twilight Stone to bounce your axe at it. Stand aiming with the pillar directly to the west and you should be able to line it up easily.


Turn around and take a right to shortly reach a dead end where you can find the Lore Scroll “The Bifrost Bridge”.


Turn around and take one more right to drop down a final level, where you can find a Legendary Chest containing Hades Retribution (Blades Light Runic Attack).


Climb back up to the main path and keep following Tyr until you reach another light door. To open this one you first need to go to the right where you can grapple up to a balcony.


On this balcony, you can pick up Kvasir’s Poem “Visions After Rest”, then turn left and aim out the opening to destroy the crystal and open the door.

Continue into the next room where you will encounter a new enemy, the Light Elf Mystic. These can use more ranged attacks, including the slow-moving orb which you can destroy with your weapons to deal damage to the Elves themselves.


Deal with all the enemies, then continue up the path. You’ll reach another light door, and need to drop down to the left side of this platform to open it. Interact with the wheel on the ground, then turn it to drop the hanging piece. Aim with your axe and turn it once to the left, then with it raised one level from the floor (slightly below the crystal) you can throw your axe to open this door.


Before heading back up, turn to the right and move through the door to the other side of this area. You’ll need to do a similar sort of puzzle to reach a Legendary Chest. Grab the chain on the left side, then move it to raise the plate with the Twlight Stone all the way to the top. Throw your axe at it and it will stick to the wall behind the fence. You can then move the chain back in the other way to raise the middle platform back up, then retrieve your axe to destroy the clamp on the platform, allowing you to jump down and reach the chest which contains the Hilt of Gram Relic.

Climb back up and continue through the door you opened before. When back on the platform with the door deal with all the Nightmares that appear, then make sure to go into the room on the left to pick up Kvasir’s Poem “Spirits Within Walls”.


Continue into the next room where some more Light Elves appear. There will be a new type that appears, the Light Elf Warrior. These introduce the combat mechanic of interruptable attacks, which show two blue rings when the enemy is starting them. Double tap :l1: to bash the enemy with the shield, stopping them from doing the attack.


When the enemies are dealt with you will need to grapple left to continue, but you can first go into the hallway on the right. Kick down the plate to drop to the lower level, where you can find a Materials Chest you might have spotted earlier, which contains 4 x Forged Iron.


Climb back up and do the same so that you can start grappling across the large open area using the plates.


On the first plate, you can use the swing point to progress the story path, but you first want to grapple to the second plate left to grab the Legendary Chest. When you reach the tower, look toward the hanging plate to the right. You can attach your Blades and swing it to either side. To make this easier, swing it first to the left. While it is swinging back, start aiming with your axe so that you can bounce your axe off of it when it swings back to the right, hitting the crystal on the wall to open the door leading to the Legendary Chest.

Grapple out the south side of the tower to another plate, which then allows you to reach the spot with the Legendary Chest where you can obtain the Rune-Engraved Release Accessory. You can then go through the gate to the left to progress instead of needing to grapple back around.


At the spot Tyr is waiting, the game points out that you can use Twilight Stone to bounce your axe at enemies. The handle of times this is possible it’s not particularly useful over normal attacks, but its fun if you can pull it off like here.


After dealing with the Elf progress into the room and look to the right where you can find a spot to climb further up.


In the next room, you’ll need to fight another wave of Elves, then can interact with the statue to the left to push it over, revealing part of the light bridge. Wait for Tyr to jump to the other side and push over the next one, then cross to the next area.


This next room has a Nornir Chest, the first time you run into a bell-ringing one. For these, you need to ring all three bells within a short period of time to open the chest. If you don’t do it quickly enough you need to ring the bells again. For the first bell you need to set up. Go to the right down the short stairway, then look to the right where you can spot some Sound Stone on a gate. Break this to reveal a bell behind it.


Before ringing the bells, you can also run to the end of this hallway where you can find a Materials Chest containing 4 x Forged Iron.


Head back to where the Nornir Chest is. Two of the bells are directly left of the chest, then to ring the third quickly enough you need to stand just near the corner of the chest and bounce your axe on the Twilight Stone, which allows you to ring the bell you spotted early. Once you’ve done this quick enough you can loot the chest.

Keep following the path up for one more group of Light Elves to deal with. Once all dead continue along the stairs, but watch on the left side for a Raven that’s sitting on a tower.


Continue into the next room, where you’ll have a somewhat complicated puzzle to open the next light door. First, look to the statue on the right and destroy the Sound Stone to make it tilt over, then grapple it with your Blades and push it back over to the left.

Climb the wall and follow the path around to the right, swinging to the other side of the room. You can kick a plate off on the right for an easier path up and down, then continue past to the back of the other statue. Destroy the Sound Stone on the back to reveal a grapple point and a destroyable clamp.


Destroy the visible clamp first, which causes the statue to sag further to the right. You can then move to the left and aim at the Twilight Stone on the back of the shield, bouncing your axe to destroy another clamp hidden on the back of the statue.

With both wings now destroyed, you can grapple the statue with your Blades and pull it all the way to the left. Cross back over to the other balcony and stand to the right of the other statue, where you can now throw your axe and destroy the crystal to open the door.


Keep following the path through a short walk outside, then back into the Light Temple to the final light door. Before dealing with it, you can walk up the stairs and look to the right where there is some Sound Stone you can destroy.  This moves a grapple over, allowing you to jump to a platform with the Rune Read “Limitless”, along with a Material Chest on the platform opposite containing 4 x Rawhide.

Head back to the main platform and this time look to the left where there is some more Sound Stone to destroy. Wait for Tyr to turn the plate for you, then throw your axe at the Twilight Stone to open the light door. Head inside the elevator and interact with the crank to continue to the top of the temple.

After a short scene, grapple across to the far platform and continue through the next two doorways to the area with the shrine and a shop. Use the shop if you need to upgrade items, then interact with the shrine for another scene where you walk inside the shrine.


Descend the Light Well

Once the scene is over you’ll automatically exit the shrine, then need to start making your way back down the temple. You’ll need to fight Light Elves in the rooms you just passed through, then in the elevator room grapple to the point in the middle to drop to a lower level.


In this section, you are just making your way down the series of platforms to return to the lower level. The path sometimes splits in spots, but it doesn’t matter whether you’re taking the same path as Tyr or not as it leads to the same place.


Once you reach the larger room close to the bottom of the area, you will fight Alva. This is the first boss fight that will really test you, as Alva is fast, aggressive, and there are no checkpoints mid-battle. Alva will always start with a double-blue circle attack, and these can be countered by doing a shield strike by double tapping :l1: quickly. She will do these regularly throughout the battle, so get used to shield striking. After being slammed, she is vulnerable, so it is recommended to use a heavy attack during this. A good example is the Serpent’s Snare ability for the Leviathan Axe if you have it unlocked (hold :r2: ), as this will do hefty damage and also build her freeze status a decent portion.

Alva will regularly use a block break attack in the form of throwing her polearm at you, as well as an unblockable attack in the form of a crossed blades range attack. Both of these will hurt a lot so when you see the yellow/red circle appear, be ready to dodge to the side. Later in the fight she’ll do two unblockable attacks in a row, so be wary of this. She will also have a close-combat unblockable attack that she can do at the end of a combo with her polearm, where she will slam the ground and deal area-of-effect damage, so make sure to dodge backward if she does this.

Utilize your runic abilities on both weapons at the start of the battle and they should recharge in time to do them a second time before the end, and if you have your Spartan Rage ability available, use it when you need to heal. Alva will also drop health occasionally, but it is sparse.  Once she’s defeated make sure to pick up the items she drops to obtain a Frozen Flame (Axe Upgrade) and the Rond of Expedition (Shield Attachment), then you can walk over near Tyr for another scene.

Make your way to the Mystic Gateway

After the scene is complete and you follow the path ahead, you will be back outside the temple in a different spot from where you entered.  After trying to cross the bridge ahead you will be knocked to a lower level and will need to fight your way back to the Gateway. In this area, you will start fighting Dark Elves along with Light Elves. Dark Elves have a higher focus on ranged attacks as they can fly and shoot you with their staffs, but you can otherwise deal them quite similar to the Light Elves.


When the first group is defeated, Tyr will punch a hole in the nearby wall for you to continue through. Keep following the path and fight through the next group of enemies. After jumping across the game you can look to the left for a small hole in the wall to progress through.


After the next group of enemies, check the wall to the northeast for a spot where you can climb up.


Keep following the paths, and you will eventually be separated from Atreus and Tyr for a short period. You’ll encounter Dark Elf Summoners, who like Light Elf Mystics lean more heavily on ranged attacks. Then head all the way to the north side to find another wall climbing spot to get back to the upper level.


Grapple up the final spot and you’ll be back at the Mystic Gateway you arrived from. Interact with the Gateway, then before you can do anything a Dark Elf runs into the nearby wall and explodes, blowing open a side path.


Return to Sindri’s when ready

If you don’t want to continue the story yet, you can head through the now-open door for an area with some side content. You never head into this area during the story, so it’s entirely up to you when you feel like doing it.

Back at Sindri’s house, head to the left side of the area and speak to Ratatoskr. He explains to you about calling him by hitting the chime to the left (you need to do this later to turn in Favors).


Once he’s finished talking, head inside the house and interact with the table once you’re ready to continue the story.


After some scenes, you will be controlling Atreus again in a strange environment. Follow along with what is occurring in the ethereal area, and you will then wake up in a strange forest. The next section is entirely linear, and you just need to follow the path until you reach a point where the next story quest starts.

This finishes Groa’s Secret in God of War Ragnarok.



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We got you covered for all things God of war Ragnarok Click for walkthrough