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May 25, 2024

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God of War Ragnarok The Lost Sanctuary Walkthrough

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The Lost Sanctuary is the fifth main quest (path) in God of War Ragnarok. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of The Lost Sanctuary Main Quest (Path).

Requirement: Complete Groa’s Secret
Reward: N/A
Quest Info: Angrboda seems to know a lot about me. Says if I follow her, I’ll get my answers. I just need to keep up…


  • Explore Ironwood with Angrboda
  • Meet Angrboda at the shrine
  • Help Angrboda with “Giant stuff”
  • Follow Angrboda through the canyon
  • Head back to Jalla
  • Investigate the hidden passageway
  • Clear the Wretches from the sinkhole
  • Climb back up to the surface
  • Head back through the marshes
  • Free the wolf from Gryla’s clutches
  • Set the wolf free
  • Return to Angrboda’s home
  • Explore the treehouse
  • Return home to Sindri’s

Explore Ironwood with Angrboda

After meeting Angrboda at the start of the quest, you can start following her further into the area. She’ll end up taking her own route over the plants, so you can follow the path through the left, destroying the Sound Stone to make your way through the log.


Keep following the path through another log blocked by Sound Stone, then follow Angrboda up the cliff and grappling to the large metal structure. You’ll run into some Draugr and Angrboda will help in combat, though you can’t direct her like a normal companion yet.


After they’re dealt with keep following the path to the area with the large chain mail hanging above. Angrboda goes her own path again, and you can keep moving to the left, grabbing the Materials Chest on your way which contains 4 x Forged Iron and 1 x Ydalir Timber.


Keep following the path and you can destroy some Sound Stone hanging from above to reveal a grapple point.


Deal with the Nightmares in the next area, then keep following the path to the left up the first ledge. Directly on the right, you can destroy a wooden scaffold to reveal the Lore Scroll “The Tree”.


Keep following the path left through the other scaffolding and up the ledge, then look across to where Angrboda is. Up left in the tree you can shoot some Sound Stone to drop the grapple point, allowing you to continue to where Angrboda is.


Keep following the path ahead to the dead end where a bunch of Nightmares appear, dealing with them and making sure to grab the Legendary Chest on the right which contains the Rampaging Ibex Runic Summon. This is equipped like Kratos’ Runic Attacks, then is activated by using :l1: + :r2: .


Head back the way you came from and climb the ledge just to the left before the grapple point, then up the climbing section on the tree. There will be another Sound Stone to destroy to reveal a grapple point.


Keep following Angrboda until you are attacked by another Draugr. You’ll now be able to direct her to attack enemies in combat, which covers them in purple dust. Attacking enemies affected by this with your arrows causes the dust to explode dealing large amounts of damage.


When all the enemies are dealt with, head over near Angrboda and interact with the rock to make your way through and continue.


Angrboda wants to race you around the area up ahead. Start following the path on the left, then just keep circling around. The path is linear until you reach the end, so just keep following and jump or grapple to progress when necessary. In the next area, you’ll encounter Tatzelwurms, which you may remember from the prior game. They burrow into the ground to try and attack, so watch out if you lose track of where they are.


After the enemies are dealt with, keep following Angrboda along the path ahead.

Meet Angrboda at the shrine

Head over into the treehouse itself for a scene with Angrboda.


Help Angrboda with “Giant stuff”

When the scene is complete, follow Angrboda back outside and pick up the basket she directs you to, then follow her nearby.


When prompted, you can hit :o: to hop up on Jalla with her.


Once you have control in the next area, you can direct Jalla around similar to driving the boat, though they can’t move backward so if you need to go a different direction you have to turn them around. You can keep an eye out for sparkling spots in the water like in the boat, where you can obtain some extra crafting materials.


Keep following the path down the river, and Angrboda will automatically grab the first fruit you come across. Farther down you’ll need to move to it and interact with :o: to grab it yourself.


Keep following the path and the river will eventually be blocked. Move to the left where there is a wooden wall you can interact with to climb up to the cliff above.


Wait for Angrboda to lower the branch and you can grab the next fruit, then wait for Jalla to move over. Note that you can also shoot the large clam across the river to make it drop an item in the water, which you can pick up once you’re back on Jalla.


Keep following the path, and you’ll reach another area you need to climb up, while Jalla moves under a log. She’ll then push a tree over for you in the next area to grab the next fruit, before moving over so you can jump on again.


Climb up to the next spot on the left, then walk around to the far edge. Here you will have to aim at the log and shoot the sections of wood out so that Jalla can move underneath.


Watch on the right side just ahead, as there is an optional spot you can climb up. On this platform is a Materials Chest, where you can obtain 3 x Rawhide and 6 x Beast Scraps.


Keep following the path and you’ll make it back to the treehouse area. Head over and interact with the marked bucket to place the fruit in.


You can then head over to the nearby cabinet to grab some new items. You can put on a different set of armor (though for Atreus this is entirely cosmetic) then can craft a new bow (or upgrade your current one if you have enough materials).


You can interact with some items in the area if you want, then follow Angrboda over to the far side of the area to hop on Jalla again.


Follow the path ahead until you automatically disembark Jalla, then walk ahead and interact with the roots of the tree on the right to collect them.


Keep following the path and get back on Jalla. You’ll be attacked by some more enemies, and are then introduced to Atreus’ spartan rage ability, which allows him to turn into a wolf.


Once the first group of enemies is dealt with, walk over near Angrboda to collect some more roots.


A Draugr brute will break through the wall on the far side of the area. Deal with it and the other enemies that appear, then you can crawl through the same hole it came from to get back to Jalla.


Follow the path back to the treehouse, then interact with the next marked bucket to place all the roots you collected.


When you’re readying to continue again, follow Angrboda over to the other side of the area and hop on Jalla one more time. This time you’ll be taking the path to the right, leading into a cave.


Follow the river a short distance, then you’ll need to climb up the far ledge.


Go near Angrboda and use :o: to pick up a rock off the ground. This is just a little side activity where you can try skipping stones. Keep trying until eventually a bunch of Draugr start appearing that you need to deal with.


When all the Draugr are dealt with you can try skipping some more stones if you like, then when you’re ready to progress hop on Jalla and continue down the river. Before progressing too far make sure to climb up the wooden wall on the left. You can then loop around and swing to the Legendary Chest you could see before, allowing you to obtain the Runestone Refinement Accessory.


Head back to Jalla and continue down the river. When you’re forced to dismount, follow Angrboda over to the elevator to ride it up.

Follow Angrboda through the canyon

Follow the path ahead, dealing with the group of enemies that appear on the way. There will be another group of Draugr and Nightmares to deal with in the open area after crawling under the rock, then to continue follow Angrboda through the opening in the wall.


Follow her ahead into the area, then when the scene is complete head back out the exact same way.

Head back to Jalla

Head back and lift the rock again, but before you can get through Angrboda runs to check Jalla, leaving you stuck in this area being attacked by a Wulver. One of the most annoying enemies from the prior game, they can be just as annoying here. While fighting them as Atreus you should try to keep your distance and use your arrows, because they hit hard. If they run up to you watch for the indicators of attacks, you can parry some but a lot are unblockable, so you’re generally better just trying to dodge away from everything.


Once the Wulver is dealt with Angrboda kicks down the plate from the wall above, allowing you to exit the area and head back to Jalla.


Investigate the hidden passageway

Head near Jalla, then wait for Angrboda to open the passage and follow her through.

Clear the Wretches from the sinkhole

You’ll stop at the sinkhole on the way back, and Atreus offers to help clear it of Wretches. Climb down the rope near Jalla, then follow Angrboda into the next section of the cave. It will be dark in this area, but any time you spot a torch with a :sq: prompt you can direct Angrboda to light them, making traversal a bit easier.


Immediately in front, there is a Wretch Nest. In the cave your goal is going to be destroying all 4 of these, so deal with the one ahead first.


Continue forward and take a left. Follow the path straight ahead past where the Legendary Chest is on the right (you’ll get this later). The end of this path is a loop, where there is another Wretch Nest located on the ceiling. After dealing with the nest and all the Draugr that appear, you can also loot the nearby Materials Chest to obtain 4 x Forged Iron and 1 x Ydalir Timber.


Head back the way you came and head up the short ledge to the left. Stick to the left path first where you can find the Lore Scroll “Paints”.


Head back and take the next path to the left. If you keep sticking to the left wall as you progress you’ll eventually spot a Materials Chest, but you can ignore this one as it just contains Wretches. Keep hugging the left wall as you progress until you reach a spot with a Sound Stone door beside a Hacksilver chest, and climb the ledge to the left of that to find the third Wretch Nest.


Drop back and shoot the Sound Stone to make a path back to the starting area, then turn around and cross the bridge leading to the left. There’s one more Sound Stone spot on the left leading back to the starting area, then a path leading right. At the end of this path go to the right first and look through the hole in the wall for another Sound Stone spot. Destroy it, then walk back around where the wall to find the final Wretch Nest.

Climb back up to the surface

Before you start leaving, head back to the prior split in the path and this time go to the left. At the end, you can drop down to the Legendary Chest you saw before, allowing you to obtain the Runic Potency Accessory.


Head back up and make your way back to the cave entrance. In the bottom of the hole you’ll have to deal with a Bergsa before you can exit. Once it’s dealt with make sure to pick up the items it drops to obtain the Sharpshooter Stare Bow Ability.


Head back through the marshes

Climb back out the hole, then follow around the edge until you reach the next section of water. Hop on Jalla and continue along the linear path for some scenes.

Free the wolf from Gryla’s clutches

After the scene with the animals, drop down the ledge after Angrboda. Keep following the path ahead and deal with the enemies as they appear. Once you reach the large log you’ll need to first climb to the left to get an angle on some Sound Stone below.


Climb back down and go through the hole you made, then climb the ledges in the next spot. You’ll need to aim through the hole on the side of the log to hit the next Sound Stone point, then can continue the rest of the way through the log.


There will be another Wulver ahead in the next area, though Angrboda is helping this time so it’s a bit less stressful. Deal with it and the other enemies, then wait for Angrboda to knock the plate off the wall so you can continue.


Grab the obvious Materials Chest as you progress for 3 x Rawhide and 1 x Ydalir Timber, then keep following the path to reach the front of Gryla’s house. Head all the way around to the right side, and climb the ledges in the right corner so you can grapple across the gap.


You then need to aim inside the box you just grappled to and shoot the Sound Stone which drops the box down so Angrboda can cross. She’ll then kick down another plate so you can grapple up to reach the entrance to the house.


Follow the path inside, then drop down and hit :o: on the door to open it and head into the basement.


At the bottom, you’ll be blocked by a barrel. To the path leading up to the right, then look out through the hole in the metal to shoot the Sound Stone, destroying the barrel. Then go back and past where the barrel was for a scene.


After the scene is complete, follow Angrboda back out of the basement. Climb the ledge back up to the counter and interact with the pot to turn it back upright.


Set the wolf free

While Gryla is distracted, sneak over and interact with the wolf to set it free.



Gryla will be the first boss fight you have as Atreus. This will mostly be a ranged battle and isn’t too difficult. In order to damage Gryla, you will need to hit her Cauldron on the purple rune when it’s exposed. Gryla will attack with mostly ranged attacks unless you are standing on the floor near her, in which case she will use melee attacks. For the majority of the battle, it is best to stay on the shelves, dodging the attacks she throws at you and unleashing arrows at the cauldron whenever the rune is exposed. After enough attacks on the cauldron, her stagger bar will fill and she will drop the cauldron, this is your chance to rush in with melee and get a combo going.

After enough damage, there will be two candles you can tell Angrboda to attack with :square: , which will stun Gryla if she is close to them, so you will want to go between the two shelves with the candles to lure her close to them. At this point in the fight she will also sometimes make either the floor or the shelves dangerous to stand on, covering them in purple magic. If this happens, get off that surface until it dissipates. She will also occasionally launch a flurry of slow-moving purple projectiles at you, which you will want to shoot with your arrows to stop them from hitting you.

There will be several checkpoints throughout the battle, and multiple health crystals around the area, plus Gryla will drop more.  Once you’ve defeated her you will earn the trophy The Cauldron :bronze: .

Return to Angrboda’s home

Back outside, follow Angrboda along the path. After a bit, you’ll be racing her again, this time while you are transformed into the wolf. Keep following the linear path until you make it back to the treehouse.


Explore the treehouse

You have one final opportunity to explore the treehouse area if you want, though there’s nothing really in the area and you can’t go anywhere. When you’re ready to continue the story, head over to the treehouse where the stone slabs are and interact with the rightmost one again.


After the scene, you’ll be back at the house in Midgard, and it’s now surrounded with Hel-Walkers. Deal with all of the ones in the area, then head over and interact with the Mystic Gateway.


Return home to Sindri’s

You’ll switch back to playing as Kratos, and now need to defeat some more Hel-Walkers that appear in the area.



Immediately after defeating the last Hel-Walker, you’ll be attacked by Vanadis. This fight is similar to Alva, as Vanadis is very fast and aggressive. She will retreat to a distance and use her bow a lot, so make sure to either block or dodge to the side when trying to close the gap. Many of her attacks can be blocked, and it is easier to block her than to dodge. Utilize your runic attacks to get a quick start on her, then try to stay close to her and pummel her between her attacks.

When she gets to half health, you will start a new phase and be introduced to Spartan Valour, which will use a chunk of your rage bar to heal you instead of buffing your attacks. This will also be a checkpoint, so if you die you won’t have to redo the first half. In this second phase, she will start shooting poison pools and use her arrows a lot. Atreus can get downed by her poison, so if this happens run over to him and press :square: to bring him back. Utilize Atreus’ abilities to try and stun her, and whittle away at her health, dodging/blocking as necessary.  Once the fight is complete you will earn the trophy Backyard Brawl :bronze: .

This finishes The Lost Sanctuary in God of War Ragnarok.


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