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July 18, 2024

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God of War Ragnarok The Reckoning Walkthrough

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The Reckoning is the sixth main quest (path) in God of War Ragnarok. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of the The Reckoning Main Quest (Path).

Requirement: Finish The Lost Sanctuary
Reward: 2500 Kratos XP, 2500 Freya XP
Quest Info: We head to Vanaheim. Freya may yet try to kill me, but I will help her break the spell that binds her to Midgard. If this is how she collects her “blood payment” I will honour it.


  • Meet Brok at the Mystic Gateway
  • Locate the source of Freya’s curse, and destroy it
  • Speak with Freyr
  • Continue to seek the source of Freya’s binding curse
  • Cross the valley to reach the watchtower
  • Find a way to cross the broken bridge
  • Press onward in search of the binding curse
  • Return to Freyr’s camp
  • Retrieve Mimir
  • Depart Freyr’s camp when ready
  • Return to Sindri’s when ready
  • Check on Atreus

Meet Brok at the Mystic Gateway

At the start of the chapter head over near the house and interact with the Mystic Gateway. Brok will come over with a Yggdrasil Seed, and you will automatically be directed to Vanaheim.

Locate the source of Freya’s curse, and destroy it

Start making your way through the area, following Freya and Brok. If you hug the left side you can find a small side area where you can kill a Raven that’s flying in circles above the water.


Continue following the path to the left, squeezing through the gap in the stones when you reach it.


Keep following the path after Freya turns into a bird, heading through the gate when you come to it.


In the next area, you’ll first run into the native plants of Vanaheim which aren’t very friendly. These first type are the blue bubble plants, which will explode and deal poison if you get too near. Throw your axe at them before going near to destroy them.


In the next area, you can first head to the left and crawl through a hole in the wall. In the area on the other side, you can find a Legendary Chest which contains Wrath of the Frost Ancient (Axe Light Runic Attack).

Head back out and continue through the area, dealing with the Legion that start attacking from around the structures. When they’re dealt with you can keep following the path around and start climbing the ledges to reach the upper level. Stick to the path on the right first where you can open a Materials Chest containing 6 x Forged Iron and 1 x Stonewood.


Head back and continue along the upper path. Look to the left after jumping across to where you can kick down a plate, then grapple into the ground to reveal a lower area. On the ground here you can pick up Kvasir’s Poem “Upon Pursuing a Place Not Marked On Maps”.

Grapple back up and continue following the path. You’ll be attacked by some enemies, and can now direct Brok to help out.


Before continuing, go back to where you jumped over the wall before getting attacked and look to the right for a spot you can crawl into. On the other side you can find a Materials Chest containing 6 x Forged Iron and 1 x Dwarven Steel.


Continue along after Freya, crawling through the next spot under a bunch of tree roots. You’ll run into the next type of plat next, which are tall skinny plants that will shoot poison at you when you get near. You can throw your axe at these from a distance to kill them and stop them shooting poison.


In the next area, there will be a Nornir Chest you can open of the spinning puzzle variety. The braziers are a little spread out, and the first one is a bit farther away from the chest than normal. As soon as you see the second poison-spitting plant you can look to the right side wall where there are a bunch of brambles, with the first spinner behind them. Rotate it once to the left.

Continue forward and keep watching the right side to find the second spinner behind another set of brambles. Rotate it once to the left.


Finally, turn around and look up to the ledge left of the chest to find the third spinner. Rotate it once to the right and you can open the chest.


Continue ahead, watching for another poison plant to the left. Just beside it there are some brambles you can burn, leading to a Materials Chest containing 6 x Rawhide and 1 x Honed Metal.


Keep following the path ahead and you’ll run into a pair of Wulvers, the first you’ll fight as Kratos. You can’t rely as much on ranged since Kratos’ ranged attacks do less damage. Just watch for their parry and dodge cues and you should be alright though.


When they’re dealt with continue past the rock ahead. Brok with trigger a hidden trap on the wall, then you need to destroy the clamp holding it so that you can climb the wall and progress.


Follow Brok into the hole he’s dragged into for a cutscene.

Speak with Freyr

After meeting the group, you’ll need to speak with Freyr to continue. Before doing that you can take a trip to the nearby shop to upgrade your items if needed, and also turn around and check the middle tent to find the Lore Scroll “Freyr’s Lament”.


When you’re ready to continue, head over to the table and interact with it to speak with Freyr.


Continue to seek the source of Freya’s binding curse

You’ll be leaving Mimir behind, and heading out with just Freya. Interact with the wooden door to the left of the table to leave the area and continue.


After exiting the cave you can head left for a small side area. On the right looking over the water you can find a Raven sitting on a tree branch, then if you turn around you can find a Materials Chest containing 1 x Honed Metal.

Keep following Freya along the path ahead. When there is a split with a grapple point on the left you can take a short detour to the right where there is another Materials Chest, this time containing 1 x Dwarven Steel. Then head back and grapple across to continue on the path.


Forest Ancient


In the next area you will encounter the Forest Ancient roaming around. This is a very easy fight. It can only take damage to its core, so throw your axe at it. When you attack the core it will spit out white orbs you can pick up and throw at it to deal massive stagger damage. When it staggers, run up to it and press :r3: , then start pummeling it with :r2: . After doing this once it will spawn a bunch of Legion, but you can ignore them and finish off the Ancient first. Make sure to grab the items after defeating it to obtain another Chaos Flame to upgrade your Blades.

After all the enemies are dealt with, you can enter the building through the small hole in the side to continue forward, burning the brambles in your way and grappling up to the next building.


After dealing with the enemies in the next clearing, head through the gap in the trees to the northeast and then along the path in the next area.


In the next area, you’ll run into a number of Einherjar. These are the first you’ll see with shields made of Bifrost, but they can be broken by hitting them with the double-tap :l1: shield attack.


After defeating the archer on the ledge (or mid-defeating it) a Flame Gradungr will appear that you then need to deal with. It will have a fire shield at the start, so make sure to hit it with your axe first so that you can deal normal damage.


Cross the valley to reach the watchtower

After dealing with the enemies keep following the path ahead, climbing along the cliffs to the lower area. When you run into the next enemy group you’ll come across your first Nokken. These enemies don’t attack you directly, but buff other enemies around them, most typically just making them nearly invulnerable. You should normally focus on the Nokken first, which you can find with sound and the green mist lines that are moving from them to the enemies they’re buffing.


Head across the bridge into the small hut. On the other side you can hit the left side of the spinner on the crane to rotate it over, allowing you to grapple to the second hut.


To continue the story you can follow the path out of the hut, but first, you can go left for some side stuff. Spin the crane back to the first position, which allows you to grapple to the lower area.


On the ground, you can immediately turn to the right and look on the ground beside the plants to find the Lore Scroll “Chores”.


Turn around and cross the bridge into the cave to where you can find a Draugr hole, meaning another fight with The Hateful. If you don’t want to fight it in the small cave area you can move back across the bridge if needed.


Once it’s dealt with make sure to pick up the drops, then you can crawl through the hole behind where the Draugr hole was located.


This leads you around to the higher hut with the Legendary Chest which contains the Rond of Restoration Shield Attachment. You can then kick the plate on the ledge to get back to the lower area.


When you drop back down there will be some new enemies that appear, and they will be buffed by Nokken that you need to also deal with. Once they’re all killed you can continue to the story path by using the zipline out of the hut to the northeast.


To continue the story you need to head through the hole in the wall near where Freya is sitting, but before that you can go to the right where you can find the Rune Read “Prayer to Freya”.


You will have a bunch more Einherjar to fight in the next area. The game will also prompt you on jump attacks again, as you can do them from all the handy grapple points that are located between the platforms in this large room.


Once all the enemies are dealt with head over to the east side of the room where you can open a door with a chain pull.


To continue the story you need to head to the left, but first, you can make a short trip to the right. Burn the brambles on the wall so that you can climb up, allowing you to reach a Materials Chest containing 1 x Dwarven Steel.


Head back and continue left. You’ll run into your first area poison plants, which function similarly to the scorn poles from the prior game (as Freya handily points out). Throw your axe at them to freeze them, which stops the poison cloud around them as long as they’re frozen.


Just after the poison area look above you for some more brambles to burn which release a chain you can climb up.


On the right side of the wooden platform that you grapple to you can find another one of the poison plants, covering a lower area with a Legendary Chest. Throw your axe at the plant on the right so that you can loot the Shatter Star Shield from the chest.


Climb back up and continue along the path after Freya.

Find a way to cross the broken bridge

You’ll eventually reach an area that’s a broken bridge with a spinning crane in the middle. There is a Nornir Chest here that you open by lighting braziers, and you do this using the same mechanics as you use to progress. First, look to the left and burns the brambles, releasing the end of the crane.


Spin the crane once to the right (so the burning bucket swings towards you). Before using the grapple to reach the other platform, grapple the bucket and pull it :l-down: . This lights a brazier that is sitting just below you on the ledge.


You can then grapple to the other platform and spin the crane to the right again. This causes the flaming bucket to burn the brambles on the other side that were blocking the bridge.  While still in this spot grapple onto the bucket again and pull it :l-left: to light the second brazier which is in the tree to the left.

Press onward in search of the binding curse

You can then rotate the crane once back to the left so you can grapple to the starting point, then once to the right so you can grapple to the other side of the bridge.


On the other side of the bridge, you can take a hard right down towards the water. Look out to the left to find the final brazier, which will then open the Nornir Chest behind you. After grabbing it keep following the path after Freya.



Quest: The Reckoning

In this next area you’ll run into the Einherjar boss Fiske. They use a Bifrost Scythe so he has long range and can inflict Bifrost onto you, which will freeze a chunk of your health bar and if hit again will instantly remove that chunk. Fiske can be quite difficult due to this, and he is very aggressive. He will occasionally do an area-of-effect unblockable attack where he slams into the ground; make sure to dodge back twice to get to a safe distance. If he does this attack, use it as a chance to get some ranged attacks in He will also do combo attacks that finish in a yellow block break attack. Even though it ends in a block break, it is recommended that you still block these combos, as if you time it right you can pull off parries, and if he breaks your block, he will then follow it up with either an unblockable attack that is quiet lenient to dodge, or he’ll do a shield strike attack which is an opportunity to stun him.

On higher difficulties, Fiske can kill you very quickly due to his Bifrost, so it is recommended that you use Spartan Valour as a source of healing. There is also a single health crystal that will fully heal you if needed. There are no checkpoints in this fight so you must do it without dying.  Once he is defeated you obtain the Glaive of Dodher (Relic) from him.

When you’re ready to continue, pull the wall open on the south side of the area.


On the other side, you can take a detour down a path on the left side to find a Materials Chest containing 1 x Stonewood, then head back to the right. You’ll reach an area with another crane, though this one is for reaching a Legendary Chest and is optional to interact with. Before doing anything with it you can drop down to the left to find a Materials Chest containing 1 x Honed Metal.


Head back towards the crane then go to the left from its base. There’s a hole you can climb into, then go around the corner to find a spot on the pillar you can attach to so that you can pull it over.

Grapple back up to the first platform and you can now rotate the crane once the right, moving over a grapple point. Follow the path around, then rotate the crane twice to the left, allowing you to reach to the platform with the chest to obtain Helios Flare (Blades Light Runic Attack).

Drop down from there and you can continue following the path, climbing up the wall at the far end of the area.




After reaching the point Freya was looking for, you start fighting Nidhogg. This boss will have four phases, and you will get a checkpoint between each phase. Ranged attacks barely do any damage against Nidhogg, so you will need to use melee attacks for the majority of it. Nidhogg will primarily use Bifrost attacks, as well as Realm Tear attacks. For the first phase, it will primarily do bite attacks, as well as Bifrost ranged attacks and a Bifrost area-of-effect attack. For all attacks you will want to dodge out of the way, you can attempt to block/parry the bites but it’s easier to dodge.

After dealing enough damage you will pull the Nidhogg from the realm tear and start the second phase. Now it will also stab its tail into the ground which you can shield slam to stun the Nidhogg and get extra damage in. These first two phases aren’t too long, and after doing enough damage during the second phase, Freya will join you for the third phase.

The Nidhogg will now have a variety of new attacks, including a bunch of realm tear attacks where it will either try stab you with its tail or launch Bifrost beams, both of which can be dodged with decent time leniency. It will also suck up debris and shoot it out at you, once again best dodged. A lot of the time during the phase the Nidhogg will be wrapped around a tree or pillar making it hard to hit, but eventually Freya will launch sigils at these objects which you can use to destroy them, either with a Chaos Blade flame attack or a Leviathan Axe throw.

After dealing enough damage, the Nidhogg will go into a final desperation phase where it will mostly suck up objects to spit at you. You will mostly want to dodge during this until Freya places a sigil on it that you can hit with your axe, and then finish off the boss.

Once the boss is defeated you’ll be forced to pick up an item off the ground, which is the Amulet of Yggdrasil. This is an item you can equip Enchantments to that increase your stats or add other helpful effects. The first time you slot an Enchantment you’ll earn the trophy How it Started :bronze: . Make sure to pick up the drops after to obtain a Frozen Flame (Axe Upgrade Material) along with obtaining the trophy Root of the Problem :bronze: .


Return to Freyr’s camp

Head back to the entrance of the area to start making your way back to Freyr’s camp. In the next room you’ll be introduced to the Sigil Arrows that Freya has. These allow you to do things like burn vines that you couldn’t burn otherwise. Point at items like you would with Sonic Arrows and hit :sq: to place the Sigil, then hit it with your Blade grapple to burn the vines.


You can do the same with the vines ahead which are surrounding a Materials Chest. Burn them to loot the chest, which contains 1 x Stonewood.


Climb the wall, and in the next area, you’ll fight normal enemies with Freya for the first time. Like Atreus, you can direct her to shoot her arrows at specific enemies, or hold :sq: for her to release a special attack. When enemies are hit with Sigil arrows it leaves an effect on them for a period of time which increases the damage they take from Frost or Fire attacks, along with triggering explosions if they were already burning or frosted.


Follow the path out of this area, then when it splits you can take a right to a spot blocked by vines. On the other side, you can loot a Materials Chest containing 1 x Dwarven Steel.


Head back and follow the main path, and you’ll run into a spot with two of the toxic plants. You can shoot one of the plants with a Sigil Arrow, then throw your axe at it. The Sigil effect makes the plant stay frozen for a period even when you remove your axe, allowing you to freeze both at once.


Just after the plants, you can take another detour to the left for another Materials Chest behind some vines, this time containing 1 x Stonewood.


Just ahead you’ll run into Wisps for the first time. These enemies are relatively weak, but can immediately be damaged by normal attacks. You first need to shoot them with a Sigil (or Sonic) arrow which stuns them, allowing you to hit them normally.


Keep following the path and there will be a scene where the time of day changes, causing a new path to be open. Just before crossing the newly formed bridge, you can find the “Harmony” Lore Marker on the right of the path.


After dropping off the bridge you’ll run into your last new type of plant. These plants are interconnected, with the small heads that shoot at you, along with some vines that block things and the main bulb connecting them all. You need to find the main bulb (in this case directly above the Materials Chest) and shoot it with a Sigil arrow, which then allows you to destroy it by grappling it with your Blades. You can then loot the chest to obtain 1 x Stonewood.


Keep following the path under a rock, and you’ll run into more Einherjar. You’ll be prompted that you can disable their shields using Sigil arrows, as opposed to needing to Shield Bash them. Deal with all the enemies that appear in this area, then keep following Freya. You’ll be introduced to the puzzle-solving mechanic of chaining fire using the Sigil arrows. Take a look at the round structure in the middle of the river, and the vines that are just beside it. You can shoot up to 3 individual Sigil spots at a time, so place them so they chain together from the vines to the left side of the red disk where you can reach with your Blade grapple. You know the Sigils are chained together (and will ignite each other) if they glow brighter than normal. Once the chain is set up you can grapple to the side of the disk, blowing up the Sigils and burning the vines so you can cross.


Keep following the path for another area with some more Einherjar. Deal with them as they appear, then follow Freya to the path leading behind the waterfall on the upper level.


Continue forward and you’ll cross another bridge made of tree branches. Watch on the left for a spot with a Materials Chest, but you won’t be able to grab it yet due to the conjoined plant. First, go slightly past to a second opening where you can spot the main bulb. It’s slightly far away, so place a Sigil on it, then one on the branch to the right which you can then grapple to, destroying the plant. Return to the chest where you can now obtain 1 x Honed Metal.

Keep following the path, and you will finally be back at Freyr’s camp.

Retrieve Mimir

After the scenes are complete, head over to the shop table to pick up Mimir.


Depart Freyr’s camp when ready

You can head out of Freyr’s camp immediately if you like, or hang out for a moment and speak with some of the people. At the shop, if you have a chat with Lunda you can start the Favor “The Mysterious Orb”. You can also go speak to the Elves at their table to start the Favor “The Elven Sanctum” which is completed in Alfheim (though you don’t actually have to speak with them here to start the favor). When you’re ready to leave, head out the south side of the area where you originally entered the camp from.


On your way out you’ll be prompted about Freya and her equipment. She functions similarly to Atreus with her armor being cosmetic, but they both share Accessories so make sure to equip those on her as well. She also has her own XP pool with her own unique skill tree.

Return to Sindri’s when ready

Keep following the path back out of the area. You’ll pass the blue plate you passed on the way in. Interact with it now and Freya will add an enchantment to your chisel which allows you to now use these to pass into new areas.


Follow the path created by this one to reach a boat launch spot. You’ll need to first clear the vines in the way, so use Sigil arrows on them and the wall to the right to clear the vines. You can then hit :down: to have Freya switch to Sonic Arrows, allowing you to destroy the log in the middle and clear the path.

Hop in the boat and start making your way down the river. Hop out on the boat landing to find the Mystic Gateway, a Materials Chest containing 1 x Dwarven Steel, along with the Artefact “Skrinir’s Crest”.

You can also destroy the log in the river to open up a new area, which leads to the southern part of the map where there is a bunch of side stuff to do.


When you’re ready to continue the story, head back to Sindri’s through the Mystic Gateway.

Check on Atreus

Head inside the house and interact with Atreus’ door on the back right.


After the scenes, you’ll have switched to playing as Atreus back in Midgard. Defeat all the Hel-Walkers that spawn in the area to start the next story quest.

This finishes The Reckoning in God of War Ragnarok.

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