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July 18, 2024

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God of War Ragnarok: Creatures of Prophecy Walkthrough

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Now that you’ve made your Reunion, it’s time to find the Creatures of Prophecy. Directly ahead, after the quest begins, is a red chest, so open that for Hacksilver and Dwarven Steel. Remember the exploding plants from The Reckoning? Well, they’re still very much growing in Vanaheim, so beware the one immediately to your left. Hookshot across the gap and beware another plant just ahead. Squeeze under the tree roots and continue onwards. When you emerge, you’ll immediately have to deal with a Stalker, as well as some Wisps, so brace yourself for battle.

Duck under the wooden beams and make your way forwards, using the Blades of Chaos to pull yourself up to higher ground. When you drop down onto lower ground again, you’ll be attacked by Wulvers and a Nokken. You’ll want to deal with the Nokken first, as it’s making the Cursed Gulons in this area much stronger. Be extra careful killing these, as their bodies explode. If you use your Draupnir Spear to destroy the pillar at the back of this area, you can climb up to higher ground for a Legendary Chest here. Inside is a Heavy Runic Attack named Leviathan’s Roar. Once you’re done, head back to where you fought the Nokkens, and slip through the tree roots at the back. You’ll emerge at the Eastern Barri Woods.

Follow the path forwards until your way is blocked by a boulder. Throw your Draupnir Spear at it and then detonate to clear the way. On the right, behind the vines which you can destroy by combining Sigil Arrows with the Blades of Chaos, you’ll find a red chest. However, it’s being protected by a Tatzelwurm, so deal with it, along with the Nokken controlling it, before opening the red chest for Asgardian IngotDwarven Steel, and Hacksilver. You’ll also find a Cursed Nokken which spawns behind you. As you progress forward on the path, you’ll spot one of Odin’s Ravens up in the tree trunk, to the right of where the red chest is. And if you can hear chewing, that’s because there’s a Wulver beyond a Nornir Chest on the left. Open it for an Idunn Apple. Then continue forward on the main path.

You’ll find Skoll and Hati resting, and will need to recover the stolen moon next. Squeeze up next to the wall just beyond Skoll and Hati to shimmy across. Knock down the pot stung up over the poisonous plants for some Dwarven Steel. There’s some poisonous fog ahead, so freeze it with your Leviathan Axe to create a safe passageway forwards. Then repeat one more time to continue forwards. On the other side, deal with the Einherjar. More will approach from behind, so don’t drop your guard once you’ve dealt with the first two. Pull down the log gate with the Blades of Chaos and collect the Lore, this time a Rune Reads named Verdant, on the left of the wall.

Pursue this new enemy, taking time to open a red chest on the left with Hacksilver and Dwarven Steel inside. You’ll overhear one of Odin’s Ravens in this area. Abseil down the rope and use your Draupnir Spear to break down the crack on the wall ahead. You’ll be ambushed on the other side, so prepare for a big battle against a lot of Einherjars. This is quite a fun little arena, so use the Blades of Chaos hookshot points to remain on the move. Once you’re done, drop the gold chain down so you can climb down to the moon. The moon will be stolen by an Einherjar, so pursue the thief. You’ll be ambushed, so take care of the enemies that approach.

You’ll happen upon a large red monolith, which you can throw your Draupnir Spear at the centre of to place a beam in it. Then cross forwards in pursuit of the thief. He’ll go up the waterfall, so you’ll need to use your spear one more time to target the crack on the left, then climb up to the top. There’s a Wyvern waiting for you at the top, but to be honest it shouldn’t present you with too much trouble. Remain aggressive and take it down as quickly as you can, avoiding attacks from the Einherjar Tamers who also populate this area. Once you’ve defeated everyone in the area, collect the stolen moon at last. It’s time to return to Skoll and Hati.

Squeeze through the gap in the wall at the back of the arena. There’s some Hacksilver on a corpse to the right of here. Opposite that, throw your Draupnir Spear at the wall to create a beam to higher ground. Some Aesir will try to stop you, but promptly dispatch them and continue on your path. Drop down, and you’ll realise you’ve come in a big loop, where you previously had to bypass the poisonous fog. Shimmy back along the wall, to where Skoll and Hati were sleeping earlier. Watch the cutscene. Pick up the item when prompted, and then start back to Freyr’s Camp.

Just because you’re making progress doesn’t mean you can avoid being attacked, and this time it’s the turn of Draugrs to ambush. Take care of them and continue to follow the main path forwards. You should be familiar with this path by now, as you’re quite literally backtracking the same way you came earlier in the quest. Squeeze under the tree roots and you’ll return to the area where you first faced the Nokken earlier. It’s time to fight two Dreki, which you may remember from The Quest for Tyr. In case you need any pointers, though, you can find out How to Beat Dreki through the link. To be honest, at this point in the campaign, they shouldn’t present too much of a challenge to you. The only thing you really need to be aware of is that one of them will constantly submerge itself in the water, which can present some headaches as it leaps out and attacks unexpectedly. You’ll get a Chaos Flame for your troubles finishing this fight, as well as a load of Dragon Teeth. Once you’re done, climb up the wall where you opened the Legendary Chest earlier, and abseil down. Squeeze under the tree roots, recapping your steps from earlier. Keep following the very straightforward path, uninterrupted this time, back to Freyr’s Camp.

A cutscene will begin once you return to the camp, so watch that and then prepare to head out once more. At this point, you can open a blue chest next to the Huldra Brothers’ workshop for some Hacksilver. While you’re here, it’s also worth spending a moment or two to upgrade your equipment. Follow the quest markers out of Freyr’s Camp, across the Draupnir Spear beams you placed earlier, back to the boat. Immediately to the right, in a path that was previously blocked, grabbed the Yggdrasil’s Dew of Runic Power and sail beyond it, following along the stream.

Once you reach a beach, get out of the boat and begin to fight some Wisps. Head through the shrubbery and defeat the Wight at the end of the path, as well as any subsequent Wisps that spawn. Crawl through the tree roots. There are Einherjar in the next area, as well as two Wulvers who are being reinforced by a Nokken. Take care of the Nokken first, and then deal with everyone else. Once you’re done, lift the rock blocking the path, and continue forwards.

There are more foes up ahead, this time Draugr Guards, being strengthened by a couple of Nokkens. If you’re struggling to track down the Nokkens, then you can follow the trail to them. You may struggle to find the second one in this area, but it’s actually in the tree trunk, behind some flammable brambles. Burn them with your Blades of Chaos, and then take care of the weakened enemies. Head back up to higher ground, where the first Nokken was, and interact with the big fountain with the sceptre that Skoll and Hati left you earlier. This will change the time of day, allowing you to continue onwards down the main path. Run across the tree roots. Unsurprisingly, Einherjar await on the other side, so take care of them. Follow the path forward, using the Draupnir Spear to climb up to higher ground on the left, where you can find a red chest with Dwarven SteelPetrified Bone, and Hacksilver inside.

Instruct Freya to use a Sigil Arrow on the poisonous fog plants ahead, allowing you to freeze one and then another to create a passageway through. Follow the path to the right and squeeze through the hole in the wall, where you’ll encounter more Einherjars. Once they’re all dead, pull down the log fence with your Blades of Chaos, and follow the hill down through a temple-like building. On the other side, to the right, is a tough battle.

Boss Fight: How to Beat Blatton

Blatton is, effectively, a beefed up Wulver. With the right timing, you shouldn’t have too much trouble deflecting his attacks, even if you’re midway through a combo of your own. It’s best to remain aggressive and parry his hits. Do keep in mind that he gets more aggressive the lower his health drop, so you’ll need to keep your wits about you the longer the fight goes on. He’ll drop an Enchantment named the Boon of Valour and a Nar’s Cup.

Go into the temple-like building, near where you killed Nidhogg in The Reckoning, and continue beyond his corpse. Just to the left, you can use your Draupnir Spear to place a beam, allowing you to navigate further forwards. Follow the path around to the right until you discover The Northern Wilds.

Pull the chain to open the big spherical door, and destroy the vines to gain access to the Celestial Altar. This will once again change the time of day, and unlock the path forwards. Drop down into the arena directly ahead. A cutscene will trigger, so watch as it unfolds. A familiar face shows up during the cinematic, so prepare to fight.

Boss Fight: How to Beat Gulltoppr

While Heimdall is on board, your fight is technically with the celestial beast he’s riding to begin, Gulltoppr. To be honest, this fight isn’t particularly difficult at all. Gulltoppr will storm across the arena, so be sure to dodge out of the way of its advances. Sometimes it will strike you with one of its giant paws, and you can deflect these three times mid-combo. He’ll also build up a big biting attack, which you can Shield Check to disrupt. Once you’ve done enough damage, it’s time to fight Heimdall next.

Boss Fight: How to Beat Heimdall

You’ve already technically fought Heimdall once, as Atreus, during The Runaway. Of course, you couldn’t lay a glove on him then, and you’re actually going to have to hit him this time. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Heimdall will dodge absolutely everything. You can try throwing your spear at him, but he’ll catch it. He’ll weave in and out of any flurries you make with your weapons. To make matters worse, he’ll occasionally attack you with an unblockable move, that’s almost impossible to dodge. So what do you do? To get started throw your Draupnir Spear at the ground, just in front of his feet, and then detonate it when he walks forwards. This will build up his stun meter, allowing you to get in close and attack with R3. Repeat this a couple of times until you finally draw blood.

Now that you’ve damaged him, Heimdall will start to get sloppy. He’s stilly tricky to hit, but when he slows down time you can deflect his attacks and hit him a few times once he’s stunned. He’ll start summoning Bifrost and flinging projectiles at you. Dodge them, and then when he charges up and creates a ripple into the ground, dodge roll out of the way and attack him while he’s temporarily stunned. He’ll generate a shield which you’ll need to destroy before you can do damage to him, but rinse and repeat the above until you get an R3 prompt to launch a finisher. Watch the cutscene.

Alright, you’ve made him mad now, and he has a full health bar again. He’s going to be much more aggressive this time, which means he’s open to more attacks. He’ll rush at you with his new arm and try and punch the ground, so be sure to dodge out of the way of that. Deflect his attacks when he tries to swing at you and let rip. He’ll also try that time slowing trick again, so just be patient and time up your parries to take him down. Occasionally he’ll punch the ground really hard, introducing a Shield Check opportunity. Double tap L1 before he’s able to get off his attack, and then let rip once more. There are moments where he will try to toss rocks at you, so it goes without saying: dodge out of the way of those. Knock down his health bar until the cutscene triggers, and watch what unfolds. Once you retake control, collect a Relic named the Hilt of Hofud and an Enchantment named Emblem of the Nine Realms.

With that breath-taking sequence over, pull down the log fence with your Blades of Chaos, and continue up to the burning building. The path will take you around the side of it, so head deeper into the jungle-like area. You’ll see Atreus and the others ahead, so take the path to the left in an attempt to catch up with them. There’s a hookshot point ahead that will swing you into another arena — there’s no rest for the wicked, eh? Help your allies to deal with the Einherjar, being careful to deal with the foes on higher ground, too. Once you’ve taken out the grunts, you’ll have to deal with an Einherjar Brute, who will take a more calculated effort. Fortunately, in the aftermath of the Heimdall fight, you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Once all the enemies have been defeated, offer to carry Freyr. This section’s completely on rails, so just hit the button prompts when they appear, and enjoy the spectacle. Watch the cutscene. There’s a lot of great action to absorb here, so just drink it all in. Once you retake control, open the blue chest next to the Huldra Brothers’ workshop. Then spend a moment to upgrade your equipment, as there will be new Spear Handles available to you.

Once you’re done, follow the quest marker out of the camp to the Mystic Gateway. You’ll stumble upon Helka on the main path, which will trigger a new Favour named Scent of Survival, and you can choose to tackle that now if you want to. Alternatively, sail back to the Mystic Gateway and return to Sindri’s House to continue the main story.

Ratatoskr will want to speak to you once you return, assuming you’ve been off adventuring in Vanaheim, so hit his chime to pick up a Favour named A Stag for All Seasons if he calls for you. If not, just head inside the house to find a drunken Freyr. You can listen to what he’s got to say, or just head straight to the table for the cutscene. By the end of the cutscene you’ll have retaken control of Atreus, and this will begin Unlocking the Mask.

God of War Ragnarok: Creatures of Prophecy Objectives

  • Find Skoll and Hati
  • Recover the stolen moon
  • Pursue the Einherjar thief
  • Return to Skoll and Hati
  • Rescue Freyr from the Einherjar
  • Regroup with Freyr’s allies
  • Escape from the prison

God of War Ragnarok: Creatures of Prophecy Rewards

  • Kratos: 8,000 XP
  • Atreus: 4,000 XP

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